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Washing Root Crops

David and Bruce went to New Brunswick to learn how Isaac Villeneuve builds his root crop washer.  They brought back one that they helped build and are excited to set it up. This root washer will make washing carrots and … Continue reading

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Farm Hands

David and I went to visit Ted Hutten at his farm yesterday.  He was showing us his micro greens in the heated greenhouse behind his house.  He showed us a lot of things, and of course we had a very … Continue reading

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Heliotrust Farm Efficiency R&D Program

During the winter of 2010, Jen and I visited farmers in preparation for writing a book on farmer-mentors, a second volume in the Twilight Meetings series.  This trip was a chance to visit some of the very best small farms we … Continue reading

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Firewood that is Four Times More Efficient

On this farm I lived in a big old drafty farmhouse for about 15 years, and each year we burned 4 or 5 cords of wood.  We would order it, have it delivered cut and split, stack it up in the … Continue reading

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Saving seed – a new/old twist

In the last post, I wrote about hens.  Some people go to a lot of trouble to keep the heritage breeds pure according to accepted traits for that breed.  It is a thankless task, but it is important to maintain … Continue reading

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