Modified Hanley Hoop House March 9


Close to 100 growers attended ACORN’s technical greenhouse session   The Greenhouse Effect February 28-29 in Debert.  It was great to connect with other growers and share knowledge with the snow blowing outside.  David made a presentation about economical season extension using a modified Hanley Hoophouse.

Tim Livingstone, Isaac Villeneuve, David Greenberg

Growers in the audience were able to contribute to this work-in-progress.  A new materials list emerged as people discussed the idea and 8 growers (that we know of) combined to order plastic, metal hoops, rope, and clips for their hoop houses.  David set out to put up a hoop house on March 8, but the weather forecast was predicting very high winds.

Too windy!

No problem — he put the plastic down again, and proceeded to put the hoop house up the next day after the wind died down.  I’ve posted a few photos below.

Tightening ropes on modified Hanley hoop house

'Door' of hoophouse



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