Spring Activity

What would we do without our wonderful neighbours?  Phil Nunn came by today to help lay out the new cattle shed, drive in the posts, and pick up horse manure from another wonderful neighbour, Sue Ettinger, who keeps horses.  Peter Henningsen, my nut tree friend, offered some of his baby Korean Stone Pine seedlings.  Yes, you can grow pine nuts in Nova Scotia.  Peter has also shown that we can grow hazelnuts, heartnuts (a favourite for both of us), and northern kiwis in this area.  Peter has been observing nut trees for many years.  We concluded that having a dog patrolling around the grounds at night is critical to being able to harvest the nuts and fruit so the squirrels and racoons don’t get them all.

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1 Response to Spring Activity

  1. b says:

    I didn’t know you could grow hazelnuts in Nova Scotia!

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