Farmland Conservation

Heliotrust has been getting some calls from people who want to set up some kind of mechanism for protecting land from development or protecting land for farming.  The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) holds Conservation Easements on three hundred acres of farmland in Hants County to protect it from development and subdivision but also to protect it for farming.  The Easements are a legal agreement between the landowner and the Board of Directors at EAC to adhere to a set of restrictions regarding the land.  Each Easement is different, and is negotiated between the two parties at the time of signing.  The process of becoming an official Easement Holder, determining the value of the Easement, and raising funds for the Easement, appraisal, and any legal fees (including those that may occur in the future) was a very complex and lengthy process, but now the Easements are officially registered.  I have put together a short document with some links to useful resources for those wanting to know more about protecting farmland for farming in this province.  See also the ‘About Heliotrust’ tab on this site for copies of the Conservation Easements we used.

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