More Modified Hanley Hoop Houses in New Brunswick

The modified version of Hanley Hoop Houses have been installed at another farm in New Brunswick (see  This farm has 330 customers directly connected with it through weekly produce pack deliveries.  Dave Wolpin and his right-hand-man, Alex Eaton, have also been adopting other season extension techniques.  Here are some photos from last week.

The landscape fabric is laid on top of beds to warm the soil, conserve moisture, discourage weeds, and allow for earlier (and later) plantings.  This fabric lasts at least 15 years, and is attached with ‘sod staples’.  

The beds were formed with a tractor, a real labour-saver.  This photo shows the Andrew-made bed-former at farm HQ in Hampton NB.

This hoop house was being installed on top of landscape fabric, April 19.  This is the third one they put up on the farm.

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