Before the rain

Before the rain started, on May 8, the crew here at the farm was rushing to get a lot planted and set up.  Charlotte Harper and her crew came by to learn more about the details of setting up hoop houses and landscape fabric while David, Bruce, Charles, and Dylan were moving hoop houses off early spring crops and into position for summer crops (like tomatoes, peppers, melons, and ginger).  Two hoop houses were moved.  We will post a video soon.  Dr David Patriquin and his friend Kerr came by to check out spring ephemerals.  There weren’t any.  Too dry.  They checked out the ‘Iron Horse’ David and his friend Wally are working on (in the background of photo).  They think the first prototype will be ready just in time for hilling potatoes, brassicas, and carrots.  Stay tuned!  It seems that Kerr taught applied math and physics courses in Montreal.  He grew up in Parsborro, a forest, farm, and fishing community across the Bay from here.  He said his students were not very good at applying the math and physics concepts unless they’d used them from childhood in their work on farm, forest, and sea.

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