Woodlot Assessment

Yesterday Stephen Cole came by to assess the farm woodlot.  He will create a map and provide management recommendations.  We talked about all the different products that come out of the woodlot, including firewood; poles for building projects; herbs like cherry bark skullcap, and witch hazel; and mushrooms.  Just then, we passed an old poplar tree that was loaded with beautiful, fresh oyster mushrooms.  I was surprised because it has been so dry lately.  I brought some home and cooked them up for supper.  They were delicious!

Back to my original point.  This farm has to be monitored by an independent third party to ensure the Conservation Easement is upheld.  Stephen is doing the woodlot part of the monitoring job.  I will attach his report to this post when I get it.

Stephen Cole with aerial photos and survey map.


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