Modified Hanley Hoop Houses in the Maritimes

It is great to see how farmers are using the Modified Hanley Hoop Houses to extend the growing season so that we can grow more food locally and replace imported food.  At Abundant Acres, the hoop houses are an inexpensive way to increase our produce-selling season by about 12 weeks in the spring and fall.  Also, it allows us to have the hot season crops earlier and later in the season than we used to.  This affects profitability for the farmer, and the customers love it.

Here are a few photos of Modified Hanley Hoop Houses used on other farms in the Maritimes.  Everyone is making their own modifications and sharing them.  This sharing and innovation is what it’s all about!

Below are photos from Dave’s Produce Packs in Hampton NB, Nature’s Route Farm in Point de Bute NB, Horse and Garden Farm in Brooklyn NS, Wysmykal Farm near Amherst NS, and Heart Beet Organic Farm in PEI.  Multi Shelter Solutions, a greenhouse company in Ontario, has used the design and is selling hoop house kits all over the Maritimes and in Ontario.

Dave’s Produce Packs is a large operation in Hampton NB serving over 400 customers weekly.  They put up 5 hoop houses in 2012 and more this year.DPP2012

They are also selling hoop houses to other people because they generated so much interest in 2012.  Dave Wolpin wrote about it and posted photos on his Facebook page April 22: “We did our first hoop house installation and the customer was unbelievably happy. I think we’re onto a new business: providing the tools and teaching people how to grow their own food year round. Order yours today by contacting ME! $1550 for a 48 footer and $50 for every six feet after that (96 footer would be $1950).”  DPPApril22

This farm has really used the hoop houses to extend their production season.  They even experimented with leaving one up all winter.  We didn’t recommend that, but Dave Wolpin likes to push the envelope.  DPPNov22:12

On Nov 22 last year: “The red kale is beautiful and will provide fresh greens all winter once we put a hoop house over it.”

On December 25 last year they were still picking and selling kale from the hoop houses.  DPPDec25:12

DPPDec25:12aIn the spring they put up more hoop houses for this production year.  These photos are from April 16 2013.DPPApril19DPPApril16

Further north, near Sackville NB, Nature’s Route Farm has been pushing the envelope too.  They have close to 400 weekly customers as well and serve two farmers’ markets in Sackville and Dieppe.  They tried longer (more than 100 feet) modified hoop houses and at first it didn’t work.  But it looks like they’ve got things figured out.  NRFApril29



In PEI, Heart Beet Organics built a hoop house in 2012.  They love it for serving their farm market stand in Charlottetown. The hoop house is over on the right of the photo below.HO2012

Here they are picking kale for the January 12 Farmer’s Market.


They feel the hoop house makes a big difference.  HOJan11a

Wysmykal Farm put up their first hoop house this spring.  Here are two photos from March 26.


Good luck everyone and feel free to post comments and questions.

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