About HelioTrust

Heliotrust is based on the word ‘heliotrope’ — a plant that turns to face the sun.  The most well-known heliotrope is the sunflower.  One of our guiding principles is to ‘face the sun’, or focus on positive initiatives.

Heliotrust is part of the Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia and is based on a farm along the Hants Shore, in the Avon River watershed.  We focus on conserving farm land, resources, and knowledge in order to have ecological food production now and in the future.  Our initiatives include:

Farm Efficiency – new!  In 2012 we will be testing and refining several farm efficiency innovations.  These include modified Hanley Hoophouses for season extension; a MacKentley on-grade cold storage building for storing root crops and fruit; a Villeneuve root washer and bagger; and a SOTEC walking tractor.  For more information, click here.

Heritage Wheat    One of the primary mandates of Heliotrust is to continue heritage wheat conservation and evaluation work, and to contribute to an effective network of growers, millers, bakers, and consumers.  For more details on our new round of selection and breeding work, click here.

Farmland Conservation   Heliotrust has conserved two farms on the Hants Shore of Nova Scotia through Conservation Easements.  It has set up an Endowment Fund for potential future farmland conservation and legal challenges.  To see a copy of a Conservation Easement, click on the link for each farm.  Ironwood Farm and Red Fox Co-op.

Farmer-Mentor  The third mandate of Heliotrust is to celebrate, record, and demonstrate important farm knowledge in order for the vocation of farming to continue with wisdom at its roots.  Heliotrust has collected written, audio, and video material from farmer-mentors.

Heliotree Nursery  A small tree nursery is located on the Abundant Acres farm.  For more information on the trees as well as a price list, see this separate website.

March 2012 report and plan

Want to contribute? Heliotrust invites your tax-deductible contribution to the Endowment Fund and other Heliotrust projects.

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