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Directions to farmJen and David Greenberg

jenredfox at gmail dot com

davidgreenberg71 at gmail dot com

phone: 902.757.1640

address: 182 Red Bank Rd. Centre Burlington NS B0N 1E0

directions to farm

6 Responses to Contact us

  1. Steve and Gayle Wynn says:

    Very much enjoyed visiting with you on Saturday, 8 September. I am very much interested in the concept of the Hanley Hoop House, and have e-mailed Norm at Multi-Shelter Solutions for more information. Gayle and I look forward to learning more about your projects in Centre Burlington as time progresses.
    Thanks again.
    Steve Wynn

  2. I live in Indiana and am wanting to find a way to wash root crops such as daikon radishes without spending a fortune on a barrel washer. You have a discussion on your website about plans for making your own barrel washer for about $500.00. This discussion took place in 2012 and you indicated you planned to post the plans soon as you found dimensions. Do you have those plans available? I would be very interested in seeing them if you have them and it is not too much trouble to you.

    Thank you for the interesting information on this site.

    Rod Blanchford

    • David Greenberg says:

      Hi Ron,

      I have a rough draft of step-by-step plans for the barrel washer but have not gone any further with it.

      I’ve gotten quite a few emails similar to yours and very much want to finish this project.

      Of course its just a matter of finding the time!

      I can send what we have so far to you and am willing to help out in other ways if I can.


  3. Dear David,

    I would love to see what you have so far. Maybe I could help you advance the project by my own effort to build it. I too find time is at a premium so I can understand not getting around to a project like this. Last year I raised 3000 lbs of daikon radishes and suddenly had a buyer for them. Two of us spent a full week washing them by hand. The profit was worth it, but if I do anything like that again I would like to have a faster, less labor intensive way of cleaning them. That is why I am anxious to get started on a barrel washer.

    My address is 4599 Lead Line Road, Centerville, Indiana 47330.

    Thanks for your support and offer to help out. Very much appreciate it.


    Rod Blanchford

  4. Sheila Stevenson says:

    Jen,I wonder if you’ve got an update to this item that I included spring in the Atlantic Rhododendron & Hort Society’s newsletter:
    And here is something from another part of our NS horticultural sector for you to consider: Jen Greenberg at started a small winter wheat trial last fall at her Hants Co farm. She planted 10 varieties, including the heritage and tasty baking wheat, Red Fife, to find out if it might be a good winter wheat. But, it’s Galician Spring, the even more disease-resistant ‘grandmother’ of Red Fife, that has her most excited. Says Jen, “We’re testing her for overwintering as well. Wintered-over wheat is so much better for the farming system. I figure these old wheats are more biologically plastic than the new wheats.” To see the results, we will check her website in about a year.

    • jenredfox says:

      Hi Sheila,

      I did grow out the Galician Spring as well as a number of other wheats in 2012. I planned to plant them out again in August 2013, but since we were full-on market gardening to make a living, it didn’t happen. We are doubling our business in 2014 so it is unlikely I’ll get it planted this year either. Hopefully things will stabilize in 2015 and we can pick up the wheat work again.



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