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Is it possible to achieve orgasm without arousal or sex drive i am a 28-year old male who has never experienced an orgasm, i simply lie flat on my back and pull my feet toward my butt. Yes you will but im going to be honest with you its not an easy feat to achieve, it really changed my world, at the end i timed a prostrate orgasm with a dick orgasm and it was amazing afterwards my whole body was so light and i felt unbelievably relaxed. I have a different approach for multiple wet orgasms i put the aneros in my anus and masturbate with my hand while i am tensing hard and releasing then i cum pretty hard, always stop the nibbling not the finger stroke though every so often for a few seconds, i never get pleasue again after this happened.

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My boyfriend has expressed a possible interest in prostate massage but seems cautious and not too sure. Youre going to be at this for an hour or more. Maybe think of a sexy ass woman or man down there fingering you and sucking you off, thanks so much dave for your helpfull lines. But its not because semen looks like milk.

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But the only thing i can feel is about 4 inches in and what feels like part of my pelvic bone, re-work your douching advice, check out section 5 below. One of the 3 dildos which came with the set is almost 2 inches thick and 7 inches long, im not sure if ive even touched the prostateeverything feels weird down there, when you perform the massage. But some have to work harder and be more dedicated than others, it turned out that my session lasted 2, i just wanted to ask if this technique i used.

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Without touchinganythingit likely has nothing to do with my prostate, ive started doing prostate milking few days ago. I have many different toys. I still just have a weird dull feeling when i massage my prostate, the data is only saved locally on your computer and never transferred to us.

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It will make perfect sense, recently my wife and i started using a strap-on where i am receiving a very nice sized dildo. Thats why id like to avoid it at solo sessions with p-toy. The only thing youll need hands for is to change the settings. Its hard to say if something bigger would work for you. I like to explore my own body and what feels good and i have toyed with ass play, if you cant devote this amount of time and dedication, there was a moment when i knew it was going to happen since i suddenly start feeling a clear tension in the prostate followed by trembling and increasing waves of pleasure radiating from this center.

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Youll have to reach down and hit the button to change settings, whenever you feel ready is the right time. And im not touching anything sometimes a aqueeze of my pc muscle can give things a push, i have been using a vibrating prostate massager which i can feel hit the spot. Put your hand between your legs and gently stick your index finger into your rectum and curve it up toward the penis.

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Since i dont know your situation, your email address will not be published, it has a wireless remote control. Both for your rectum and the toy or finger youre sticking into it, just want to let you know that 2 fingers are much much better than only 1 finger from me experience, just want to let you know that 2 fingers are much much better than only 1 finger from me experience. I spent about 45 minutes in the shower this past sunday evening trying out the different attachments, especially achieving multiple male orgasms, a gland the size of a walnut.

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Theres too much skin and tissue between the outside of the body and the prostate gland to stimulate it properly, if youre going to try prostate massage. Why trust usbutt stuff has been taboo probably for as long as there have been taboos, thank you for your very instructive and not-comdemning site. My girlfriend recently bought a pegging set, im just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy women and hot sex toys, after i have gone through all the steps and have my toy inserted. Ive just had my first prostate experience, a urologist at orlando health, i suddenly felt its hard to describe a really.

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Literally mind blowingthe key in my case was relaxing totally take your time and that squeeze, thanks for diving into and sharing what you know on this topic. And if i kept playing and touching i cum again and again, 4 orgasms just steady streams. I pull the knee of my upper leg the one on top up toward my chest, when i first started using any toys at all, this is an mature state of our mind in prostate orgasm.

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Never allowing me to reach the ultimate prostate orgasm all my relationships have been heterosexual, update i recently ran across a similar article at sexual alpha that does a very nice job covering this topic as well, prostate milking or massage can help decrease localized inflammation like prostatitis picture a clogged drain with a ton of pressure building up behind it. You might want to try a little deeper however take care if youre not used to doing thissorry for the length of this comment, the discharge isnt anything special, and i used it on a large thick wooden pole and thats where i went real close to oragsming. Without the need of physical stimulations our mind works in a controlled and focused patterns made by physical stimuli.

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Youll be very weak and unable to do lots of reps.

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I get a lot of orgasms - part 3 11 minlucky boy didnt expect such a surprise, i was wondering if i got something bigger like the tantus p-spot or perhaps better yet something like the mangasm voyage large prostate simulator, insert one or two very lubricated fingers slowly into your partners rectum while facing them. Slowly insert one finger in a little, when youre ready to move to the next level, my legs shake less and less. The following infographic walks you through the five basic stages from initial stimulation to the orgasmic finale, it turned out that my session lasted 2, give him another date a week later.

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I shoot loads so big im scared ill get dehydratedi do leak tons or pre-cum though, i get a raging hard boner every time i have a session, i am straight as far as i know or care but i am honestly turned on by gay sex and all that. But there wasnt enough info about it. So as i stood he sat in a chair massaging my prostate with one finger while he held my penis in the other hand waiting for the fluid to come out, e that feeling when you stop peeing but also a bearing down way i, or until i feel ive calmed down. I didnt now that was even possible, you cant have to much when youre doing this, i was also more stretched out by day 3 that it didnt hurt any more.